Update: Previous reports alluded to this incident occurring in Windsor, Colo. Further information has shown this incident occurred in Windsor, Ontario. 

After a man pointed an imitation firearm at a Windsor police officer on July 31, authorities have accused the suspect of three different charges.

At 9:15 p.m., a patrol officer finished general patrol duties and ended in a shopping plaza parking lot. According to the police release, a lone male was in the parking lot waving around what looked like a firearm. While the officer was inside the police vehicle, the man then pointed the suspected firearm in the direction of the car.

The officer attempted to make a gunpoint arrest, but the man did not cooperate and attempted to flee the scene. The officer caught up to the suspect and physically detained him until other officers arrived on scene. The man allegedly continued to struggle with officers during the arrest.

The firearm had fallen during the arrest and officers recovered it before leaving the lot. During the arrest, officers also reportedly found illicit drugs on the suspect.

After further investigation, it was found that the firearm was not a real one, but closely resembled one. Officers released the identity of the suspect as 52-year-old Oliver Kabuki.

Kabuki is facing three charges: assaulting a peace officer, possession of an imitiation firearm for a purpose dangerous to the public peace, and possession of crystal methamphetamine.

Officers believe there are videos of the incident and arrest circulating the Internet, and are calling for anyone with possession of that evidence to come forward to the police.

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