Unsettling news for early risers (especially joggers and dog walkers): A mountain lion was spotted in Midtown Fort Collins early Monday morning, Fort Collins Polices Services reported. 

While it's not typical to see a mountain lion in such a populated part of town, it can happen, as it did in the early morning hours on Monday, November 8. Fort Collins Police Services shared on its Facebook page that the mountain lion was seen in the area of Mathews Street and Tulane Drive, which is in the South College Heights neighborhood, near College Avenue and Drake Road.

Google Maps
Google Maps

'Please be aware of your surroundings in that area and keep an extra eye on small pets and children,' Fort Collins Police Services said. It seems as though it is possible the mountain lion could still be in the area, as police said if the animal is seen, to please report to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

'Fort Collins does periodically get a variety of wildlife visitors that wander into town,' Fort Collins Police Services added. 'Many will find their way back home, but if you're ever concerned about a wild animal being dangerous, disoriented, or injured, please contact our partners at CPW as they have the resources to safely assist.'

While there is no photo of the mountain lion, one commenter on the Facebook post said there is a doorbell camera video. That video, however, has not been published at this time.

If you encounter a mountain lion, Colorado Parks and Wildlife says, do not approach, stop and back away slowly (running will lead to a chase), and throw stones or branches if the mountain lion becomes aggressive. More info can be found here.

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