A boarded-up two-story structure sits behind a six-foot chain-link fence at 1435 Harlan Street in Lakewood, Colorado. To most who pass by, the worn-down brick and wood dwelling looks like any other abandoned home throughout the state. However, there's actually quite a history behind this small white house in the city.

Officially known as the Loveland House, the property was built by William A. H. Loveland in 1888, and is one of the oldest homes still standing in Lakewood. Loveland was a successful entrepreneur and railroad president, who was very well-known for his various endeavors. Besides the historic homestead, his moniker was used for naming other places in Colorado - including the city of Loveland itself.

The 3,646-square-foot house is situated on .40 acres of land, and while it was once stately and majestic, years of neglect have led the Loveland House to slowly deteriorate.

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Despite years of disrepair, a new chapter is now in the works for the Loveland House.

Lauren Coleman is the current owner of the White Swan Motel, located just up the road from the Loveland House, at 6060 West Colfax Avenue. The White Swan dates back decades and historically served as a place for travelers to rest for the night while heading west. In 2021, an agreement was made with Jefferson County where the motel was used to shelter homeless women and children during the pandemic.

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Fast forward to 2023, and a decision was made to tear down the White Swan. But that's not the end for this long-running Denver motel.

Recently, Coleman made a handshake deal to acquire the Loveland House. Here, she will create a brand new version of the White Swan Motel. The property is not officially listed for sale - the deal was reportedly made between Coleman and the home's current owner in an in-person meeting last week.

Rather than demolishing the historic property, Coleman will restore the residence to its former glory. Once complete, what was once the Loveland House will instead serve as the lobby and main meeting area of the new and improved White Swan.

Building the reimagined motel is an expensive project, estimated to cost somewhere around $25 million. Coleman is hoping to be awarded some grant money to help with the restoration project but has yet to receive any funds from the state.

According to Denver Westword, the new White Swan will have approximately 30 guestrooms, a greenhouse and events space, and retail spaces facing Colfax Avenue.

While several of the surrounding properties remain fenced off and vacant, Coleman envisions other businesses moving into the neighborhood soon, which would positively impact the once-seedy area.

Coleman plans to break ground on White Swan 2.0 in April 2024.

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