It's no secret that Colorado is a great place to live. From majestic mountains to craft breweries to nearly year-round sunshine, the Centennial State seemingly has it all.

However, Coloradans do have one glaringly obvious flaw: our driving.

I hate to say it, but we don't fair too well on the roads (no, I will not open the can of worms that is out-of-state drivers). My coworkers have noticed our failure to understand roundabouts and our inappropriate responses to honking — there's even a TikTok account dedicated to how much we suck at operating vehicles.

If that's not enough evidence for you, a new study from WalletHub shows just how far our driving has gone down the drain.

According to the agency, Colorado is the seventh-worst state in terms of road travel, beating out only Washington, Maryland, California, Delaware, Rhode Island, and Hawaii.

To be fair, the ranking didn't look too closely at our individual driving skills, so this doesn't necessarily mean you're bad behind the wheel.

Instead, the study analyzed rush-hour traffic congestion, average gas prices, auto-maintenance costs, road quality, auto-repair shops per capita, auto-maintenance costs, and car theft rates.

Save for the auto-repair shops, Colorado pretty much tanked in all of these categories — especially car theft rates, where we came dead last (unsurprising, considering our catalytic converter issue).

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So, where can you go to find better roads? WalletHub ranked Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, North Carolina, and Texas (again, not opening this can of worms) as some of the best states to drive in.

Or, you could just practice safe driving and keep your road rage in check — lest your driving is featured on TikTok.

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