Last week, our staff got a special delivery: multiple containers of quick, easy-to-microwave meals from Colorado's own Super-Natural Eats, a meal delivery and organic catering service that offers healthy, affordable meals for any NoCo local's busy schedule.

Our staff was asked to try the meals for free and reveal what we thought, but before we get into that, let me tell you more about Super-Natural Eats. 

If you've tried other meal delivery services that weren't local and didn't match your health needs, Super-Natural Eats is everything those aren't. The company offers a Standard Meal Plan or a Low-Carb meal Plan and will deliver these straight to your doorstep for a week of easy-to-make, no-hassle meals.

Plus, if you're looking for catering for weddings, corporate events and more, Super-Natural Eats provides organic meals for an affordable cost. So...what did Townsquare Media think about the meals?

New Country 99.1 morning show host Maxx said, "Since being introduced to Supernatural Eats, the days of me stressing out over what to eat for each meal are officially over. This service could not be more convenient (and delicious, too!)" Her on-air partner, A.J., says the meals take out the guesswork: "No more 'What's for dinner tonight'...yay! Easy, convenient and delicious!"

Dave Jensen from Retro 102.5 afternoons loved the convenience: "Not only was it a great meal, I loved the packaging, the easiness, and the portion size! Thanks, Gang!" Scruggs from 99.9 The Point highlighted the low-carb option: "I finally feel a little bit better about going into bikini season since Super-Natural Eats replaced those days of takeout I'd order when I just didn't know what to eat."

Check out the DJ's experiences in the gallery below, and to learn more about Super-Natural Eats, click here. 

Dave, Emily, Scruggs, AJ, Maxx, and Sparx all try Super-Natural Eats:

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