Have you ever heard of Pitkin, Colorado?

It's an idyllic mountain getaway just past the semi-ghost town of Ohio City. Gunnison County describes it as the perfect place to "browse a collectibles shop or old general store, and explore remnants of the old quartz-mining days."

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You could also live there.

According to Zillow, there is a Pitkin cabin on the market for $179,000. Located on 6th Street, the property lies near Quartz Creek in the Gunnison National Forest, making it an "ideal mountain getaway."

However, buyers beware — this cabin is more than a bit of a fixer-upper.

At 242 square feet, the home has no bedrooms, no bathrooms, no electricity, and no indoor plumbing. It's also on a dirt road, so you'll need a four-wheel drive (or an off-road vehicle) to access it.

With a torn Twilight Zone sign on the door and some deer antlers on the deck, this cabin clearly needs some love.

Perhaps you could be the one to turn it into a stunning mountain destination. Maybe you're a true outdoor enthusiast who would love to rough it in a rustic shanty (I doubt that though...this cabin is pretty rough).

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Regardless, this funky abode is a treat to look at. Take a virtual tour in the gallery below:

This Funky Colorado Cabin Could Be Your Dream Getaway for Under $200K

This Pitkin, Colorado cabin is more than a bit of a fixer-upper, but it could be a perfect mountain getaway for the right outdoor enthusiast. Take a virtual tour in the gallery below.

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