I will be the first to admit that I am not the world's best driver, but that hasn't stopped me from critiquing my fellow motorists (see below meme).

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Long story short, I am not exactly qualified to be offering feedback on the road. However, Colorado State Patrol (CSP) recently brought attention to a common driving faux pas, and I couldn't leave it alone.

The issue at hand? Lane splitting, or when a motorcyclist rides in between lanes in traffic.

According to a tweet from CSP, "lane splitting is illegal in Colorado (and dangerous everywhere)." Despite this, I still see motorcyclists weaving in and out of traffic constantly, and my request to you is: please stop.

When I'm driving on I-25, traffic is congested enough — I don't need a motorcyclist sharing my lane when I'm already close to the car next to me. Plus, if you're hovering in my blind spot, I can't see you.

I can hear the counterargument coming: but I can see you. Yes, and I'm sure you are a skilled rider. But, while I hope that all of us are careful on the road, you never know if a driver is texting or messing with their music or picking their nose or whatever; basically, you can't count on them to react in time to your next move.

However, I may be wrong. Many Twitter users came to the defense of lane splitting on CSP's post, and a 2015 study from UC Berkeley's Safe Transportation Research and Education Center found that, in some situations, the practice isn't always unsafe.

Regardless, it is still illegal (and, less importantly, I still hate it).

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