The Fox and the Crow cheese shop is officially closing its doors after seven years in business in Midtown Fort Collins

Tina Mooney, the owner and founder of The Fox and the Crow confirmed the news regarding the cheese and meat shop + bistro's closure to the Coloradoan on Wednesday (March 9).

According to Mooney, The Fox and the Crow - located at 2601 S. Lemay Ave., Unit 9 - will remain open and continue operating as usual until its last day in business, which will be Saturday, July 30.

Why Is The Fox and the Crow Closing?

Over the last two years, businesses of all sizes across the nation have been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic; small businesses, especially,  have felt the brunt of the pandemic.

However, the Coloradoan says that, despite weathering two years of the COVID-19 pandemic as a small business, coming to the ultimate decision to close the Fox and the Crow had nothing to do with any current financial woes.

In fact, Mooney's reason for closing shop was quite the opposite; "We've actually been doing really well," Mooney told the Coloradoan.

"We just want to do something else."

About The Fox and the Crow

According to the Coloradoan, Tina Mooney opened The Fox and the Crow with her husband, Alan, in the Scotch Pines Village shopping center in Fort Collins back in 2014; Mooney says owning a cheese shop was her longtime dream.

Over the years, The Fox and Crow has expanded its menu to include sandwiches and other small meals.

By 2018, The Fox and the Crow had grown enough to expand into its larger, and current, unit in Scotch Pines Village. In time, her cheese venture had become, "more of a restaurant that also had a cheese shop," with longer hours and higher demands, Mooney told the Coloradoan.

Before The Fox and the Crow Closes Shop...

Are you still holding on to some gift cards from the cheese shop - or have you been holding out on visiting The Fox and the Crow? You're in luck.

Mooney said The Fox and the Crow will remain open through July to give customers time to use up any gift cards as well as allow for its employees to find new jobs.

"The (customers) I have spoken to (about the closure) have been really happy for me," Mooney told the Coloradoan on Wednesday, Mar. 9.

"It is sad, and it will be like the seven stages of grief, but I am excited about the possibility of the future."

Fox and the Crow/Facebook
Fox and the Crow/Facebook

The Community Reacts

In the last day or so since the news has broken about The Fox and the Crow closing later this year, tons of people in the Fort Collins/NoCo community have expressed their love and sadness for this beloved cheese shop, which has proved to become so much more than that.

Fox and the Crow/Facebook
Fox and the Crow/Facebook
Fox and the Crow/Facebook
Fox and the Crow/Facebook
Fox and the Crow/Facebook
Fox and the Crow/Facebook

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