Football has been a hot topic around Colorado State University for the last several years. Colorado State University's Canvas Stadium cost $220 million to bring to life. That doesn't happen without having a really intense focus on Football.

So how could Fort Collins possibly land on a list that implies we don't get really into football? According to Wallethub, "62% of Americans consider themselves either a fan or “somewhat” of a fan of professional football, and 54% say the same for college football."

Even if you are a fairweather football fan, the Super Bowl is different. There are commercials and halftime, and guacamole. Turns out, different cities may provide a different football experience.

Maddie Warren
Maddie Warren

WalletHub actually ranked their lists using 21 key metrics, looking at both pro football viewing and college viewing. Overall, number one was Pittsburgh, followed by Green Bay and Dallas. At the very end of the list is where we see Boulder and Fort Collins show up.

Now you're curious, right?

Did Boulder rank higher than Fort Collins? This kind of rivalry never dies.

Technically, yes, Boulder did rank better than Fort Collins, but not even enough to matter.

Fan engagement was one of the metrics WalletHub used. This is where we can make a difference.

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