As we broke last week, the new In-N-Out in Thornton is open and so we went down to get in on the fun ourselves. How were our wait times and overall first experience?

Thornton In-N-Out Wait Times

After years, and I'm talking maybe decades of rumors about In-N-Out coming to Colorado, it finally became reality about a year ago when the first two Colorado In-N-Out restaurants in our great state opened down south in Colorado Springs, where their main Colorado warehouse is located, and in Aurora. When those two stores first opened they had lines that were up to 13 hours long at one point. The drive-thru lines went on for miles and miles as folks couldn't wait to get those famous In-N-Out snacks. Needless to say, when a location closer to Northern Colorado was announced, I was worried the lines at that location would be crazy as well. The Thornton, Colorado, location opened last week and so after waiting a week to let them work out the bugs, we ventured down to get in on the madness and it was much less chaotic than we had anticipated.

In-N-Out In Thornton Is Now Open. How Long Are Wait Times?

We went to the new In-N-Out in Thornton. Here's how long our wait time was and how our overall first experience went.

When going to In-N-Out from NoCo, there are signs on i25 directing you to get off on the 144th exit instead of the 136th exit where the actual location is. Follow those signs because we tried to go our own way and ended up having to back track to get into the parking lot. The drive-thru line was pretty long but we wanted to dine in so we bypassed all of that. We parked and walked right up to the counter to order, found a table within 5 minutes, and had our food within 15 minutes. Way easier than planned for sure. When leaving we asked one of the "All-Star" team members, who help open new locations, how long the drive-thru lines have gotten at their peak and he said about 90 minutes, max. Still to long for me as we literally walked right in and ordered so get your butts out of the car and go inside, you'll thank me later. Overall we had an amazing experience and we can't wait for an actual NoCo location to open up, here's all we know about that so far. Welcome to Colorado, In-N-Out. It's about dang time.

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