I’m the type of guy who feels sympathy for inanimate objects. For example, if I’m meandering through the produce department, I feel bad for that fugly onion or melon with a dent in the side. I’m the person who buys that oddly shaped bunch of bananas or apple with the weird spots because I feel like if I don’t buy it, nobody else will. I know that’s weird, by the way. But it tastes the same. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just a little different looking and that puts a lot of people off.

Good news if you’re someone like me.

There’s a service now delivering to Northern Colorado that makes all your dreams of rescuing ugly food come true - and saves you money in the process.

It’s an online grocer called Misfits Market, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. They work with farmers and food suppliers to source and sell all of the “less than perfect” stuff large chain grocers won’t take because they’re not aesthetically pretty.

Statistically speaking, almost half the food grown in the United States is thrown out as unsellable simply because of one cosmetic reason or another. And that sounds even crazier while so many in the U.S. go hungry, or when you consider how expensive it usually is to buy healthy food to eat, like organic fruits and vegetables.

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Misfit Market’s mission is two pronged. First, to help save you money by offering these edible eye sores up for delivery to your door at up to 40% off what you’d pay at a traditional grocery store.

Second, and more importantly, they’re trying to do their part to make high quality, sustainably sourced food more accessible to people who want it, in order to help break the cycle of food waste in the US.

That part of the mission is timely as ever, as food banks across the US and even right here at home face shortages of meals for families in need, especially with the holidays approaching.

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You can check out their roughly five hundred different products and how much you can save, plus take advantage of some of their introductory offers on their website: MisfitsMarket.com.

I haven’t tried it out yet, personally, but my wife and I probably will eventually. If you’re the type of person willing to humble-brag about your cat - rescued from doomsday at the pound because he has an extra toe - shouldn’t you also be the person who saves an organic cucumber from the dumpster because it has a weird blemish? I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t check it out either.

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