Living in a city that is continually improving is pretty awesome. The constant construction is a small price to pay for all the well-kept trails, parks and roads. Now, a new construction project will begin in a few days and last into the fall. This project takes place on Lemay Avenue.

There will be several lane closures throughout the next few months including a full closure of Lemay between Drake Road and Columbia Road from March 13-21. The goal is to make crossing Lemay by bicycle or on foot easier, update utilities and provide a pretty new driving surface.

Several City of Fort Collins departments are a part of this project including FC Moves, Engineering, Streets and Utilities.

According to a City of Fort Collins press release, the projects include:

  • A new pedestrian/bicycle crossing at Columbia Road/Parkwood Drive and Lemay,

  • Concrete repairs and paving on Lemay from Riverside Drive to Horsetooth Road, and

  • Work on stormwater lines and water lines.

Additionally in the area, Utilities will work to replace a water line and repave Brookwood Drive from Parkwood to Stuart Street in late summer through early fall.

If you live in the areas that will soon be under construction, the City has created an e-mail address for residents to contact about the project:

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