The Stanley may get recognition for being Colorado's most haunted hotel, but about an hour away in the town of Nederland, there's another hotel with spirits supposedly still lingering and plenty of ghost stories of their own.

Built in 1897, the Goldminer Hotel was a place where weary miners could rest for the night. Originally, there were 13 very small sleeping rooms upstairs and a great room downstairs that served as a place to eat. The white clapboard siding was used as a way to make the bed and breakfast look more refined and remains intact today.

In 1934, community members added a social room, and this space is still currently used for meetings, potlucks, weddings and even funerals.

Eventually, the miners left town and the hotel was sold for next to nothing. People began traveling to Nederland for vacations, bringing new guests and life into the Goldminer.

Nowadays, the Goldminer has five bedrooms that are much bigger than the previous sleeping quarters, plus four bathrooms and a lobby. Other than switching up the rooms a bit, not much else of the hotel's appearance has changed.

According to some people, much more from the hotel's historic past still exists — like former guests. Over the years, hotel staff have heard many different stories from visitors and locals, all claiming they've had ghostly or paranormal experiences at the Goldminer. 

One woman described feeling a female presence in the room, watching her while she was getting ready for bed. This guest used candles to lead the presence out of her room, and she was able to sleep soundly after that.

Another experience involved a plumber who was working at the hotel. When the owners asked if he would be concerned about working there alone, being that it may be haunted, the plumber made it clear that he didn't believe in ghosts. The plumber went downstairs to turn off the water, but by the time he got back upstairs, it was running again. After this happened three times in a row, the plumber clearly changed his mind on the matter and proceeded to yell at walls "Okay, I believe now! Let me finish and get out of here!"

Besides documented first-hand accounts of the spirits, several TripAdvisor reviews also mention the ghost living upstairs at the Goldminer. The hosts of the hotel do not usually tell guests that the place is haunted, but rather, wait until the visitors have experienced it for themselves.

Located at 6th Street and Klondyke Avenue, the Goldminer Hotel is a Boulder County Landmark and on the National Register of Historic Places. 

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