The holiday season is a terrible time for a heart-wrenching story, but this one needs your attention.

Horrific Accident Changes Allie's Life Forever

Grand Junction's Allie Dorsey is 25 years old and has lived a very active lifestyle. She is an avid motocross racer, car builder, rock climber, welder, and lifeguard. Unfortunately, a horrific accident has changed her life forever. Thankfully, Allie is still alive, but she will never be the same again.

By permission Allie Dorsey via Facebook
By permission Allie Dorsey via Facebook

Here's What Happened?

On December 13, Allie was in a freak accident at work when a steel beam fell on her leg and hand. Her lower leg had to be amputated and now doctors are trying desperately to save her severely crushed left hand. Allie says she is thanking God every day "that he chose me to keep breathing."

"I had a 3,800 pound beam 50 feet long fall on my right leg smashing everything instantly. My left hand was almost cut in half but the beam controller saved it. I was awake during this whole thing and the nightmares are still haunting me every time I close my eyes. I can’t say much at this moment besides please keep sending prayers and I will keep fighting in my corner." -Allie Dorsey via Facebook

By permission Allie Dorsey via Facebook
By permission Allie Dorsey via Facebook

This Is What Allie Is Going To Need

One dayAllie hopes to return to riding, but she has a long road ahead. She is going to need a custom wheelchair, a walker, and specialized prosthetics. Additionally, Allie's going to need help to make her home more accessible for her needs. One prosthetic she needs that would allow her to get back on the bike and climb again costs $35,000 and they don't know if insurance will cover that cost.

Go Fund Me Account Has Been Established

A Go Fund Me account has been established to help Allie recover from this terrible accident and to return to her active lifestyle. The goal of the campaign is $50,000. We would like to get the word out about Allie's situation and help her get to $50k. You can make a cash donation to the fund here.

Thoughts, Prayers, and Donations For Allie

It's going to be a long road for Allie, but, on the Go Fund Me page, Allie's mother says her daughter "can do anything she puts her mind to. With this strength, she will rise again and inspire others." Whatever the community can do to help speed Allie's recovery will be greatly appreciated. Please contribute if you can and keep Allie in your thoughts and prayers as she continues down the road to recovery.

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