My car has never broken down on me (knock on wood), but I have gotten it stuck in a gigantic snowdrift. If it weren't for the kind stranger who pulled over and helped push me out, I'd probably still be there today — okay, not really, but you get my (snow) drift.

Horrible puns and personal anecdotes aside, there are a lot of Coloradans who aren't as nice. In fact, a new survey from reports that 28% of Colorado residents would not stop to help a driver who was stranded on the road.

Our neighbors to the north are friendlier, as only 24% of Wyoming residents would refuse to help a broken-down driver. People in Massachusetts are arguably the meanest — if you break down there, only 40% of residents will stop to help you.

But don't denounce these people as Bad Samaritans just yet...they might actually have a good reason for their behavior.

It often comes down to safety. In fact, many of those who said they would not help a stranded driver specified that their kindness would depend on whether or not the driver was on a deserted road. In their minds, empty roads often lead to unsafe situations.

For the same reason, reports that women are less likely to help broken down drivers than men. Others are more worried about germs — people's willingness to help hitchhikers dropped significantly after the pandemic began.

The bottom line? Instead of relying on others for help, prepare for travel emergencies.

"Like other pieces of mechanical equipment, sometimes cars have faults and are prone to breakdowns. For this reason, if you notice your engine light has turned on or there's a mysterious beeping sound, it's important to get the fault checked out at your local mechanic as soon as possible," said's Joseph Gunther IV. "Dealing with these issues as promptly as they arise will help ensure you're less likely to have to wave down other drivers for help!"

It's also a good idea to have an emergency kit inside your vehicle. The dealership recommends keeping a spare tire, jumper cables, a reflective road triangle, a flashlight, and a first-aid kit on hand.

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