Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner. Sure, the Denver Broncos won't be there, but we're guessing you're still having a party — someone has to root against the Kansas City Chiefs, right?

However, there's more to this occasion than hoping the Chiefs lose. The food at a Super Bowl watch party is ultimately just as important as the teams playing — whether you're hosting an event or bringing a dish to a friend's.

So, what should you make this weekend? Thankfully, has some inspiration.

The website recently analyzed Google Search data to see which Super Bowl foods Colorado residents are searching for the most. Here's what they found out.

Colorado's favorite Super Bowl dishes

According to, Colorado's favorite football food is the simple yet delicious chicken wing. It may seem unoriginal, but you could spice it up — maybe try a green chile rub or a zesty BBQ sauce?

Alaundra Alford // Unsplash
Alaundra Alford // Unsplash

Pizza, burgers, chili, and fries round out Colorado's Top 5. Other savory favorites include BBQ ribs, chips 'n dip, subs, and sandwiches.

Of course, Colorado doesn't forget about dessert. It looks like residents will also be serving up ice cream and cookies at their Super Bowl extravaganzas.

Are you looking for something simpler?

Maybe you're just bringing a side dish to the party and don't want to go all out. Why not experiment with Colorado's pick of chips 'n dip?

Frankie Lopez
Frankie Lopez
loading... reports that Centennial State residents will be pleased to see salsa, hummus, guacamole, queso, and buffalo chicken dip at their football festivities.

See 10 foods you should avoid having at your Super Bowl Party in the gallery below.

Top 10 Foods to Not Bring to the Next Big Game Party

Top 10 Foods to Not Bring to the Next Big Game Party

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