It's their annual 'Coffee for a Cure' event, their largest fundraising event of the year, where your love of coffee helps out those battling breast cancer.

The 2020 'Coffee for a Cure' event raised over $54,000 to assist breast cancer fighters; this year, with more people being out on the road, even more is expected.

The Human Bean has been doing this Breast Cancer Awareness Month fundraiser for 16 years, at all now 10 of their locations across the Fort Collins area. They've been getting ready for the 2021 event for weeks now, with each location decking out their stores (and the truck) in pink, and offering special 'pink' drinks.

Funds raised on October 22 with 'Coffee  for a Cure' will go to:


UCHealth Foundation which provides financial assistance to overcome barriers related to the treatment of all cancers.


North Colorado Medical Center Foundation's Breast Cancer Fund which provides financial assistance to overcome barriers related to the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

Recent statistics show one in seven women in Colorado will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, with over 16,000 breast cancer survivors residing in the state.

The Human Bean is also selling special 'packs' available on on the day of the event which include a mug, a drink coupon, and sunglasses for $55.

'Coffee for a Cure' is a fantastic way to help out those breast cancer fighters in our area, while also celebrating the survivors across Northern Colorado.

I think I'll stop by the one in Loveland that's on my way to work and get a Coco-Berry Mocha. I've never had one of those, and I want to help.

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