Local fans of The Office know that, even though the show is based in Scranton, Pennsylvania, it features two notable references to Colorado.

The first nod happens in the 17th episode of season 7, "Garage Sale," when Michael Scott proposes to Holly Flax and announces that they're leaving Dunder Mifflin for Boulder.

The second shout-out occurs in the 25th episode of season 9, "A.A.R.M.," when Dwight reveals that the patriarch of Golden's Coors dynasty murdered his grandmother.

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This might seem like all the Colorado love we get from The Office; however, there is a deleted scene that shines a bigger spotlight on the Centennial State — although it's not too loving.

The scene — cut from "Goodbye, Michael," the 21st episode of season 7 — shows Michael's former boss David Wallace talking to him about his move to Colorado.

When David learns that Michael hasn't gotten fired and is moving voluntarily, he tells him that leaving Dunder Mifflin is a "terrible decision" and immediately begins bashing Colorado.

Here's what David Wallace had to say about the Centennial State (warning: in typical Office style, it's kind of offensive):

  • "Colorado is one big REI store."
  • "Nobody reads books — except if you count that Joseph Campbell book they read over and over again."
  • "Everybody's a racist."
  • "Women don't shave their underarms."

Yikes. We'd say that most of these aren't true, and Michael seems to agree since he hangs up on David. Watch the full deleted scene below — it starts at 1:22.

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