I'm not saying you should consider leaving Fort Collins, but if you did, where would you go? Usually when you think of friends or family moving away from here, it's usually for a job or college, or maybe a relationship of some sort, that takes them to another state far away.

Personally, I've loved Fort Collins from long before I ever moved to town, back just when visiting friends at Colorado State University right after high school in Parker. Some of my fondest memories from my late teens and early twenties are sleeping on a handful of couches and floors somewhere near the CSU campus, and after turning 21, long nights in the basement of the old Wash Bar.

For the newer Fort Collins residents, this is where the current Washington's is located on Laporte Avenue, but before the current music venue was built, there was an old bar by the same name which was a very, very different type of establishment. Also, get off my lawn.

But Fort Collins isn't for everybody. Sometimes if you grew up here, you long to leave somewhat when you're able. Or maybe you just need a change of scenery and a change of pace.

Stacker compiled a list based on data from the US Census Bureau to determine where people move when they leave. There's also a "net migration" number for each, meaning the number of people that moved from Fort Collins to "City X" as compared to the number of people who moved from "City X" TO Fort Collins. Some of those results might surprise you.

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