Yesterday (May 3), we told you that a big announcement was coming and to make sure to download our app so you don’t miss out on the alert and the opportunity to join the biggest party of the summer.

And, by the way, if you haven't done that yet, here's the link: 

We're having a little too much fun being mysterious, so we want to give you another hint about tomorrow's big reveal: the artists headlining this beloved outdoor concert series are ones you know and love, they fill our airwaves and are no doubt part of your life soundtracks as well.

And no, this isn't just a dream, we are actually getting back to live events this summer.

Along with our local talent competition, two huge headliners will hit the Taste of Fort Collins stage in 2021: one band has been around for 30 years, their early days were in the jam-band scene, and they ruled the airwaves and MTV in the early 90’s. The other headliner, is a multi-platinum, Grammy award-winning superstar, who originally hit the scene in 2000 with summer anthems you know and love.  

We're so excited to announce the headliners for Townsquare Media's Taste of Fort Collins the station app, turn your notifications on, and get pumped up to join us this summer.

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