Most of us have heard of glamping, where campers are provided with more of a luxurious experience than the typical tent in the woods – but have you ever heard of a hipcamp?

According to the official website, hipcamp is a "growing community of good-natured people and the most comprehensive resource for unique outdoor stays." The concept creates opportunities for landowners to host travelers on their properties in RVs, cabins, treehouses, or other tent camping and glamping options. Differing from vacation booking sites like Airbnb, hipcamps are all about connecting travelers to nature through outdoor accommodations and experiences.

This Colorado Frontier Tent is a Great Off-Grid Getaway

Check out what this unique hipcamp in the Rocky Mountains has to offer.

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There are lots more hipcamp locations around Northern Colorado, including Buckhorn Cliffs Luxury Camp, just minutes away from Fort Collins.

Take a Peek at Buckhorn Cliffs Luxury Hipcamp

Buckhorn Cliffs Luxury Camp offers travelers a unique place to stay in Northern Colorado.

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