James C. Kennedy Mountain Campus is taking over the former site of a Girl Scout Camp in Larimer County, the University of Denver announced on October 5.

According to the University of Denver, an alumnus by the same name donated $26 million to the school to purchase the land, which the Loveland Reporter-Herald identified as Magic Sky Ranch near Red Feather Lakes.

The announcement from the university said that the ranch will still lease to Girl Scouts for six weeks in the summer. However, the university will be using the 25,000 square feet of housing, winterized cabins, dining hall, rec center, health center and more, which already exist on the 724 acre property.

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'I ask the entire DU community to join me in sincere gratitude to James C. Kennedy for his generosity and belief in the Kennedy Mountain Campus and what it will do for our students and community,' Chancellor Jeremy Haefner said. 'DU is honored and humbled by his contribution to this institution’s bold, enduring future.'

Colorado State University's Mountain Campus near Pingree Park is located south of the new James C. Kennedy Mountain Campus owned by University of Denver.

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University of Denver is one of Colorado's private institutions, and one of its most expensive. According to College Tuition Compare, University of Denver is the second most-expensive university in Colorado, at around $53,000 per year for tuition.

University of Denver's high tuition comes second only to Colorado College in Colorado Springs, which is a private school of 2,000 students that costs $60,000 in annual tuition for an undergrad degree.

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