Fort Collins is known for its many unique, delightful eateries; but two weeks ago, one of these local businesses suffered a tragedy. On July 9, 2021, one of Fort Collins’ favorite Mexican restaurants, Uno Mas Taqueria, released on their Facebook page the tragic news that their beloved owner had passed away.

Patrick Marigold-White, Uno Mas Taqueria’s creator, founder and leader, was a cherished member of the Fort Colins community. He brought his restaurant to Colorado in 2013, beginning on the Pearl St. Mall in Boulder, CO. However, it wasn’t long before he was able to open another location in Fort Collins, bringing the Choice City “elevated street tacos… along with specialty tequillas and drinks, traditional tortas, appetizers, and classical Mexican desserts,” according to Uno Mas Taqueria’s website.

Marigold-White’s vision for his restaurant was one born in California, birthed from a young cook on the beaches of the coast. Admiring the young man’s simplicity and skill, Marigold-White said the experience inspired him to create “Uno Mas to reflect that genius – simple and bold archival cooking at its best.” There is no doubt that the restaurateur achieved his goal, pairing his creative vision with a generous spirit recognized by both his patrons and his staff.

After his passing during a camping trip, Marigold-White leaves behind a wife, daughter, and a large extended family who grieve for his loss. Unfortunately, his life insurance policy had lapsed at the time of his unexpected departure, leaving his family to bear funerary expenses, travel costs, losses of work and income, bird care, general bereavement costs and family comfort costs. However, a Gofundme page has been set up to help support Marigold-White’s family during these trying times which includes a college fund and education donations for his workers.

You can keep an eye on Uno Mas Taqueria’s Fort Collins Facebook page for notice on remembrance services for this lovely man as the city grieves this loss.

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