With millions of people every year traveling to Yellowstone National Park, you know how interested people are with wildlife. Saving as much money as they can to put toward a great family vacation, with hopes of seeing the stars of Yellowstone.

No, not the TV series, but the bison, wolves, elk, deer and grizzlies that call the park home. The possibility of having the coveted wildlife experience and capturing a video or picture of a special moment in nature, is worth the hard work and years of saving.

Just entering the park, you're not guaranteed to capture a history making moment, but the likelihood of seeing something wild and cool is pretty likely. Actually, if you keep your eyes open and follow the crowds, you could stumble upon a cool experience.

When you're in the park and see a gathering of people, you can bet that you'll want to see what is going on. Here's the thing about those situations, you don't want to be the reason that other people have a bad experience in Yellowstone. Following the rules is the best way to avoid getting the Touron tag.

  • 100 yards from a bear or wolf
  • 25 yards from a bison, elk or other wildlife
  • if the animal comes close to you, move away from it
  • use the roadside pullouts and parking areas, don't just stop in the middle of the road
  • stay in your car when wild animals are close

Seems pretty simple, right?

When you get the chance to see the wildlife in action, it's really a special time. takethewildroad an Instagram page by wildlife photographer Jessica Hadley has captured some of these awesome Yellowstone moments. Like this video of a grizzly after an elk kill.

You can also see/purchase some of Jessica's photos on her website takethewildroad.com

When you're heading to Yellowstone remember to

  • have fun
  • be safe
  • respect the wildlife...it's their home, not yours

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