From mimosas and Bloody Marys to tequila sunrises and screwdrivers, there are dozens of delicious cocktails that pair well with brunch. In the battle of the brunch cocktails, some of these refreshments listed above do reign supreme, while certain states prefer to sip on different drinks with this mid-morning meal.

To determine each state's favorite brunch-time booze, a team of researchers from Shane Co. used Google Trends search volume to analyze a total of 39 search terms over the past five years.

The screwdriver proved to be the overall favorite. Fourteen different states picked this vodka/champagne concoction as their top choice to tip back while brunching.

Based on the study, the most popular morning cocktail in Colorado is Irish coffee. People in Delaware and Virginia give cheers to this choice too.

Because mimosas are such a popular drink across the board, the team of researchers further studied to see what type of juice people prefer to mix into their champagne, on a state-by-state basis. Coloradans do love their mimosas, but rather than regular orange juice, we apparently would rather have ours mixed with cherry juice.

View Shane Co.'s full report here.

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