A shop in Downtown Fort Collins that opened a year before Gilded Goat began operations in The Square, has closed and Gilded Goat now has two locations.

Gilded Goat's current location, where they will continue to brew their beer and serve to customers, is a great place. They have plenty of different seating options, an old phone booth, and of course, all those goats.

In Downtown Fort Collins, for their second location, they've taken over the space that was once Storm Fine Apparel, two doors to the east of Big Al's Burger & Dogs.

TSM/Dave Jensen

It's great that 'The Goat' now has two locations, especially with this one being in Downtown with all the hustle and bustle.

C.B. & Potts used to have two Fort Collins locations; they had that location on Elizabeth by CSU campus while having one inside Collindale Golf Course. Then, they closed their Elizabeth location to open a location in Foothills Mall. Then, they closed that Foothills one to open a location on east Mulberry, which became Peculier Ales. C.B. & Potts currently only has the Collindale location. 

With so many breweries in Fort Collins, it does seem odd that there aren't more 'multiple' locations for at least of few of them. I think it would be good to have more than one spot to enjoy the great beers that these Fort Collins breweries are producing.

For example:

Facebook/New Belgium

New Belgium, founded in Fort Collins has several location across the U.S. including Asheville, North Carolina and San Francisco. Why not have a second location in town that isn't on the far north side?

Facebook/Black Bottle Brewery

Black Bottle seems very ready for an additional Fort Collins location. They're spot off of Prospect and College is cool, but many would agree, a second spot off of Harmony and Zeigler would be perfect.

Facebook/Equinox Brewing

Equinox does a great bit of business at there spot off of Remington and Mountain in Old Town, but can't you picture another one in the Drake and Shields area?

Facebook/Rally King

Now, here's a thought: Rally King opening a second location, to go along with their original at Prospect and Lemay... Near ODell and New Belgium. Get right in there and give the legends some competition.


Snowbank could be the first Fort Collins brewery to have a location on South College. Imagine them right along 'Flea Market Row.' They'd get tons of people from Loveland visiting for some Cranknbrew.

What do YOU think? Who should be next to have two locations in The Choice City?

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