In addition to the department joining the Pink Patch Project last week, the Loveland Police Department has also partnered with an incredible cause developed by a 12-year-old Loveland girl.

On Sept. 20, the department announced they were partnering with 12-year-old Sara Fitzgerald on Sara's Project.

The goal behind the project is to provide bracelets to people in the community with medical issues. The bracelets will have medical information stored for the person wearing them so, in case of emergency, they're able to communicate with first responders quicker than they normally would.

As an update on Sara's Project, the Loveland Police Department announced that the program is building momentum.

The department reported that last week, about 50 free bracelets were picked up by Larimer County residents who could benefit from them. More bracelets are still available for free, and any information about getting one for yourself or someone you know that's in need of one is available at the lobby window of the Loveland Police Department from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The project is officially cosponsored by the Loveland Police Department, as well as Thompson Valley Emergency Medical Services.

Anyone who has any questions about the bracelet giveaway and how they work can reach out to Lieutenant Jeff Pyle at

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