It's not just Halloween Awareness Month (OK, I know I just made that up) — but October is also National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. However, any month of the year is a great time to think about adopting or fostering a dog in need of a home.

My family has always been big on bringing shelter dogs home. In fact, every dog we've ever had has come from a rescue or a local humane society, and we even have one #fosterfail. If you're not familiar with the term, that's when you temporarily foster a dog so they don't have to reside in a shelter, and while you're not supposed to become the forever home, you fall too in love and you end up keeping the dog. Hence, 'foster fail.'

Even if adopting or fostering are too big of commitments, or don't fit your lifestyle (like if you live in a small one-bed apartment with no yard, like me), there are still other ways you can help dogs who are waiting to meet their future families.

You can also volunteer your time at local shelters, like Larimer Humane Society, or Humane Society of Weld County, or donate funds or needed items, like leashes, food and more.

If there's one thing we know though, it's that Coloradans love their dogs. And, Colorado actually had the second-most dog adoptions during the pandemic. If you want to open your home to a shelter dog this October (or even better, now), scroll through the gallery below to see who's available.

Note that availability may change as quickly as by the hour, but that means dogs are finding families — yay!

Adoptable Dogs in NoCo

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