Colorado is arguably one of the most mysterious states in the U.S. Along with being the home of the Stanley Hotel, our state is also famous for its various other haunted locations — and three of them are some of the spookiest destinations in the country.

According to ProMoverReviews, these three Colorado locales are must-visits this Halloween season: St. Elmo Ghost Town, the Museum of Colorado Prisons, and The Brown Palace Hotel.

#1: St. Elmo Ghost Town | Chaffee County

Miners founded St. Elmo in the 1800s before abandoning it in the 1920s. However, 303 Magazine reports that the ghost of a woman named "Dirty Annie" still haunts the town's Chaffee County streets. You can tour St. Elmo until the end of October.

#2: Museum of Colorado Prisons | Cañon City

The Museum of Colorado Prisons is a renovated version of Cañon City's former women's prison. A look into Colorado's early prison history, the museum features exhibits about cannibal Alfred Packer, murderer Antone Wood, and more — plus, ghosts allegedly haunt the museum's halls. Tours of the museum start at $8.

#3: The Brown Palace Hotel | Denver

Denver's The Brown Palace Hotel opened in the late 1800s to accommodate travelers heading west. According to ProMoverReviews, guests often see ghosts and receive inexplicable phone calls. You can book a ghost tour of the hotel for $20.

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