There's not much in Flagler, Colorado, except a really photogenic roadside diner, a gas station — oh, and a billboard advertising free land. 

Affordable land is so hard to come across in Colorado, but in Flagler, it's not 'affordable,' it's reportedly free. So what's the catch? It's a little ways out east, sitting over 100 miles away from Denver, shying closer to the Kansas state line than the Mile High. And, Flagler is offering the land to 'industry or business,' not residential use.

According to Deseret News, 'metro areas in the West can hardly keep up with growth,' and 'some rural communities are doing everything they can to create it.' For the town of about 400, that means offering land with no price attached.

'The town has 480 acres of free land available for business development,' Deseret News said.

Other Midwest farm states like Kansas and Nebraska reportedly have free land available, too. Flagler's billboard promoting the Free Land Incentive invites those who are interested to call 719-765-4571, which reaches the Second Central School Museum in Flagler.

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