I'm feeling a bit wooly mammoth-like, at the moment, desperately needing a haircut. I always like to say 'short in the summer, long in the winter' as if it really matters for warmth purposes. In all reality, it's just an excuse for pure laziness on my part. But I've never really found that one specific barber shop for me, so I'm not always eager to run out and get it done.

To be fair, it doesn't even need to be a legit, stereotypical barber shop. I'm just on the hunt for someone who can be my go-to guy or gal when it comes to cutting my hair by default, meaning I don't need to go looking for someone when I'm ready. I can just consistently go see them and get it done, and even better, won't have to tell them how I want it done every time because they already know. Know what I mean?

I'm not the only one who hasn't found the one for me, yet. A Reddit thread started by u/gentlehippi asked the same question: Where are the best men's haircut places in town? He's looking for somewhere, in his words, anywhere in Fort Collins or Loveland that isn't too expensive. And wouldn't you know it, the people of Reddit responded.

Like anything else, you're going to find some who love certain people and places, and some who don't so much love them. I suppose that's all a matter of taste and preference, and of course, a customer's actual experience.

Unsplash, Jonathan Cooper
Unsplash, Jonathan Cooper

Here's a list of some of the people who come the most recommended, sorted by who had the most upvotes. You know, the most unscientific, but democratic way of polling who people think is the best.

Bare Bones Haircuts, 237 Linden Street

They say their cut makes you look like George Clooney. Sold! Basic haircut? $32.

Barber Brand and Shop, 1304 S College Ave #12

Chris Swartwood is a licensed master barber since 2014. Basic haircut? $35.

Scissors & Sinners, 112 E Laurel Street

According to Reddit, Christian is chatty, but Mikki lets you chill. Basic haircut? $29.

Lemay Barbers - 1021 S Lemay Ave

They promise "an authentic barber experience." Basic haircut? $26.

Brooke's Two Bit Barber Shop - 105 E Myrtle Street

OK this place looks really cool. Basic haircut? $34.

Fort Collins Barber Shop - 2020 S College Ave, #A5

A few very strong recommendations for its own Kevin, on Reddit. Basic haircut? $30.

White Groves Barber & Taproom - 341 E 4th Street, Loveland

Haircuts and beer? I'm in! Basic haircut? $30.

You can check out the full thread on Reddit for a complete list of many, many different options!

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