Feral felines are frequently seen wandering around inside the gates of Coors Field. Whether they're hiding under cars in the parking lot, hanging around the concession area, or boldly bounding onto the field right in the middle of a Rockies game, these cute cats are always keeping people at the ballpark entertained. One of the field's cats is so popular, it even has its own Twitter account.

But it's time for the Coors Field cats to head to the dugout (or at least hide somewhere else for a while) because some other animals recently arrived at the stadium to play.

On Monday (December 12), a pair of feisty foxes were spotted in various places around the Rockies' stadium. The duo must have outfoxed the entrance gates to slyly sneak inside.

The adorable foxes took in views from the stands and spent some time playing together on the field.

At least something is keeping Rockies fans entertained during the offseason.

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