Couples know nothing's better than getting dressed up for a date night and going out on the town (singles, too — treat yo' self).

However, going on a date isn't the cheapest endeavor. You have to pay for the food, the wine, and the ride home when you've had too much wine.

Thankfully, the Centennial State has some affordable date night locales — and one of them is in Northern Colorado.

Fort Collins is the "choice" city for a date night

They don't call Fort Collins the Choice City for nothing.

According to new research from, the home of Colorado State University offers the least expensive date night options in Colorado.

Hitesh Dewasi // Unsplash
Hitesh Dewasi // Unsplash

The website estimates that an average two-person meal and a bottle of wine costs $72.50 in Fort Collins — add on $9.10 for a ride home, and you have an $81.60 date night.

Grand Junction is the place to splurge notes that Grand Junction may be the place for a post-paycheck date night.

The average Grand Junction date night costs $98.00. This breaks down to $60 for dinner, $18 for wine, and $20 for a ride.

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The website reports that at an average of $91.24, Denver has the second most expensive date night options.

Other affordable Colorado date night destinations estimates you can have a date night in Colorado Springs for around $89.59, while you can enjoy a romantic evening in Aurora for about $83.50.

Everton Vila // Unsplash
Everton Vila // Unsplash

Still, Fort Collins takes the cake for affordable date nights. Check out the best Fort Collins date ideas in the gallery below.

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