UPDATE: The Loveland Reporter-Herald reports that CPW safely captured and relocated the mountain lion on Wednesday evening.

A mountain lion is currently roaming around Loveland, the Loveland Reporter-Herald reports.

According to the publication, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) learned about the animal after receiving a call about a mountain lion near Wilson Ave. and Fifth St. SW on Wednesday (April 12).

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The agency is still searching for the animal, which was reportedly "close to human spaces." Local schools are aware of the situation, and no incidents have occurred as of this writing.

Kara Van Hoose, CPW's northeast region public information officer, told the Loveland Reporter-Herald that residents should do the following if they encounter the mountain lion:

  • Stop and make yourself appear large.
  • Announce yourself by talking loudly to the animal.
  • Retreat slowly but do not run.
  • Report the sighting by calling CPW at (303) 291-7227.

While CPW notes that mountain lion encounters are uncommon due to the animal's elusive demeanor, sightings are increasing as mountain lion and human habitats begin to overlap.

Last month, a mountain lion clawed the head of a Chaffee County man sitting in his hot tub, marking the first human mountain lion attack in Colorado in over a year.

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In January, a local shot a mountain lion for allegedly attacking dogs in the Boulder County area. CPW euthanized a separate mountain lion for reportedly attacking dogs in Grand Lake later that month.

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