An injured goose is now in the hands of rehabilitators after it was confiscated from a person in north Fort Collins. Northern Colorado Wildlife Center rehabilitators responded to a call of an injured goose located in a mobile home park.

Credit: Northern Colorado Wildlife Center Facebook

When arriving at the scene, the injured goose walked up to the responding rehabilitators. In those moments, they knew that something was not right as wildlife would normally never approach humans. A short time later, someone drove up in their vehicle and explained that they were keeping the goose as a pet and it escaped from their yard.

The rehabilitators from the Northern Colorado Wildlife Center had to use de-escalation techniques and explained that they cannot keep a wild goose as a pet. Rehabilitators also explained that keeping a bird like this as a pet is a felony under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

When the person agreed to give the goose to rehabilitators, they discovered that the person had clipped its wings to stop it from flying away. Examination of the goose also revealed that the bird has been forced to endure poor nutrition and less than adequate enclosure requirements.

Credit: Northern Colorado Wildlife Center Facebook

It is assumed that the goose was taken by the person approximately two months ago when it was a fuzzy little gosling. The situation has been reported to Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the goose is now in the hands of Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Longmont. The goose will undergo extended rehabilitation in hopes that treatment will further save its life.

Credit: Northern Colorado Wildlife Center Facebook

Source: Northern Colorado Wildlife Center Facebook

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