From 1968 to 2016, Hughes Stadium was the heart of Colorado State Football.

The iconic Oval Bowl stadium was uniquely positioned northwest to southeast and had a pristine foothills backdrop, and plenty of room to be surrounded each pregame by herds of spread-out Rams tailgaters.

The West Fort Collins stadium that also hosted famous Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and Beach Boys concerts was demolished in 2018 after the Rams football team moved into the state-of-the-art Canvas Stadium.

The Choice City will now determine the fate of the 161-acre property that Hughes Stadium was located on during the upcoming April 6, 2021 Fort Collins Election. 

A citizen-initiated ballot item asks to reserve property for parks, recreation, and open lands, natural areas, and wildlife rescue and restoration.

  • If approved, the City of Fort Collins would purchase the land from current owner Colorado State University, and prevent new homes and businesses from being built in the space.
  • If rejected, Colorado State University has plans to develop the area into a mix of housing, commercial, and transit, while still maintaining some open space.


Essentially voters are determining if Hughes Stadium should be preserved for parks and open space or become a new development. Which way will you vote?

Other items on the April 6, 2021 Ballot:

  • Fort Collins will elect a new mayor. Jeni James Arndt, Gerry Horak and Molly Skold are the candidates.
  • 4 City Councils Seats are up for election. Districts 1, 3, 4 & 5 have multiple candidates seeking office.
  • The City of Fort Collins is looking to ban disposable plastic bags and require a 12-cent fee to use disposable paper bags if approved.

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