Bull rider Cody Hooks was competing in an exhibition event at the Bell County Expo Center in Belton, Texas last week when he was thrown from his bull right out of the gate, and ended up knocked out in the dirt.

As the bull jumped up and kicked, Cody was flung forward only to be met by the back of the bull's head coming back up at him. It appears he hit his head on the back of the bull's head, and from what you can see, it looks like he instantly lost consciousness and was immediately thrown off, where he laid still in the dirt immediately after he landed.

This is where the story gets even more terrifying. The bull spun around and got ready to charge at Cody, who was laying unconscious in the dirt.

Dad of the Year to the rescue

Cue Cody's dad, a former professional bull rider himself, Landis Hooks, who was nearby. He sprung into action and jumped down into the arena to attend to his son, and when he saw the bull coming back at them, did what any dad would do: he put himself between his son and harm's way.

Landis laid on top of and smothered Cody to protect him from the bull coming their way, and took the brunt of the blow as the bull lowered his horns and knocked the two men a few feet in the dirt. Landis was a little battered, but otherwise ok.

His heroics almost certainly saved Cody from being severely injured, unable to protect himself as he laid unconscious on the ground.

As Cody said on Instagram: "Not one to post falling off, but big thanks to my dad Landis Hooks and the bullfighters last night in Belton, Texas. Could've been a hella lot worse."

Watch the terrifying and heroic video below.

Both Cody and Landis escaped any major injuries and both are now doing fine.

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