Colorado residents love their dogs — so much so, in fact, that our canine affinity shocks out-of-staters.

Science backs our obsession up too. Although Colorado may not have the best dog parks, studies have consistently ranked cities like Fort Collins and Colorado Springs as "pet-friendly." 

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So, it's not surprising that new research from has listed Colorado as the second-best state for dog owners in the U.S., trailing only behind Vermont.

But why?

Using data from Zillow, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the FBI, and more, the website looked at five factors for the study: nature, dog-friendly rentals, veterinarians, dog sitters, and dog walking safety.

Colorado excelled in all these categories, although our state does fall behind Vermont in terms of veterinarians and dog walking safety.

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Our highest success is in the dog-sitting class — according to, the Centennial State has 24 sitters for every 100,000 residents, which is "251.3% higher than the state average of seven."

On the off chance that you and your furry friend decide to move out of Colorado, you'll want to settle in other pet-forward states like Oregon, Washington, Montana, or Wyoming.

Where should you avoid? ranked Maryland, Illinois, New Jersey, Delaware, and Louisiana as the least dog-friendly states.

Do you need even more evidence that Colorado is the perfect place for dogs? Check out a list of all the dog-friendly breweries in Fort Collins in the gallery below.

Dog-Friendly Breweries in Fort Collins

These Fort Collins breweries allow guests to bring their dogs along.

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