For many people here in Colorado hunting is a way of life, something that was taught as a kid, and nothing feels better than filling your freezer with something that you harvested. Good news if you are a hunter here in Colorado as 9 News gave us the details about big-game licenses applications being open from now through Tuesday, April 6th.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife wants to let all hunters know that some changes have been made in license requirements and fees so before submitting your application you will want to read up on everything which you can do through their website just click here. One thing that all hunters will notice when paying license fees is that there was an increase of 2.7% which is just to keep up with the cost of inflation.

To Be Eligible For Any Big Game Draw

If you're attempting to get either a big-game primary draw or secondary draw you will need to purchase the qualifying license prior to applying for any big-game license draw. This includes applicants between the ages of 12-17.

If You Have an Account With Colorado Parks & Wildlife Action Is Still Needed

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is encouraging everyone with an online account through their system to verify all contact information as well as credit card details so if you do get a big-game draw you can pay for it immediately.

We are wishing all Colorado hunters the best of luck with your big game draws and with harvesting an animal.

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