Sure, it's hot and will continue to be hot for a while. At least for the next 7-10 days in the forecast, as you can see, it's calling for sunny and dry conditions with temps continuing to be in the 90's and 80's.

AJ Battalio/TSM

However, you know as well as I do that can change in the blink of an eye. We also are well aware that fall, which is lurking around the corner, is coming. It's sure to bring a mixture of anything from a sunny and 75-degree day to a full-on snowstorm in a  snap.

As for winter, we all know it's going to get cold because duh, we live in Colorado and it's winter. While we can look at things like what the Farmer's Almanac is predicting, that's just what it is, a PREDICTION. So, you can take this with a grain of salt.

With that being said and looking ahead a bit, according to 9 News, the Farmer's Almanac is predicting a La Nina winter, which basically means we could see a chilly winter with fairly high potential for a lot of snow this winter.

It's saying that we could see a significant snow event around the third week of January with pretty good chances of a snowy winter throughout.

Farmer's Almanac


So what kind of research goes into this kind of stuff we get in the Farmer's Almanac? It's things like taking sunspot activity, tidal action, the position of the planet, and many other factors and then rolling all of the stuff into a prediction. So, as I said earlier, take these predictions with a grain of salt...or possibly a whole container of salt.

One thing IS for certain, enjoy these warm days and soak them up as much as possible because the cold and snow will be here before you know it.

The first day of fall hits on September 22.


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