On Wednesday, June 23, a ceremony was held at the site of the new Discovery Air hangars at the Northern Colorado Regional Airport in Loveland, Colorado to celebrate the raising of the last beam at the Torrey's Peak hangar.

The hangar is slated for a late 2021 delivery, and will feature 30,000 square feet of Class A hangar space, along with office and shop space.

At the event, Martin Lind spoke more about his plans for Discovery Air and how important it is to create this transportation hub for Northern Colorado. "This airport is, in my opinion, the single most important public asset of the entire region," he said to Townsquare Media, "If you're traveling, you're traveling. So why not travel out of our backyard, and save all of that transportation cost to get to Denver? We've started here on the corporate side, but I really think commercial service can come to this airport."

When asked what he sees as the timeline for commercial flight travel, Lind said that it depends:

"In my personal opinion, if the airport was aggressive, we could have it by the end of the year. If they want to continue on the government's plan that they've had for the last 10 years, we may never get it. That's a hard statement for me to say, but I'm disappointed with seeing other cities smaller than us have services greater than us. It's not right. You should have great services out of this airport.


The Water Valley Company staff, and other guests, gathered to sign the final ceremonial beam, then watched as it was raised into the air by a crane, with the American flag tethered to the beam. The final beam was fitted onto the hangar, marking an important milestone for Discovery Air.

For more information about the project, visit DiscoveryAirAviation.com.

To see photos from the event, check out the gallery here:

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