The Eagles are back and better than ever!

Two weeks ago, the Colorado Eagles played their preseason weekend in front of fans for the first time in over a year, and they did not disappoint. They swept the weekend against the San Jose Barracuda who, coincidentally, is also their opponent for the regular-season opener at Budweiser Events Center this weekend.

The second game of the weekend on Saturday, Oct. 23, will be First Responder's Night. The Eagles will have a plethora of recognitions running throughout the game, but be sure to be in your seat in time for the ceremonial puck drop.

In addition, something really cool the Eagles did in partnership with some of their season ticket holders was that some of those season ticket holders donated their 2020 season tickets specifically to first responders and front line workers.

What you need to know about opening weekend

The Eagles swept the Barracuda in the preseason weekend

The first game was an incredible comeback with the Eagles scoring three goals in the last three minutes of regulation play to win the game.

The second game of the weekend was just a runaway with the Eagles playing clean and quick hockey, dominating the ice in a 4-1 clear win.

Budweiser Events Center is going back to masks

As I'm sure you've all heard, Larimer County reinstated their indoor mask mandate that went into effect on Wednesday, Oct. 20 at noon. So, the Budweiser Events Center will be following Larimer County health protocols and requiring masks at the game. The only exception when masks are allowed to be off is when eating or drinking.

BEC's clear bag policy

Don't do what I did the last time I went to an event at BEC and forgot they have a clear bag policy. Plan ahead and remember, it's for your own safety.

There will be a fan clapper in every seat

Because hockey games are supposed to be loud. The noisemakers are courtesy of Bud Light and can be used throughout the game to keep the crowd loud and energy high.

Before and after the game, check out why our Loveland, Colo. is the best

Loveland, Colorado, isn't the only Loveland. There's another one in Ohio. No hate to Loveland, Ohio, but we think our city might be just a little...better.

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