At noon on Wednesday (Oct. 20), Larimer County residents will have to wear masks indoors again.

The Larimer County Department of Health and Environment (LCDHE) announced the return of the mask mandate on Friday (Oct. 16), noting that it applies to both vaccinated and unvaccinated residents.

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How long will the mandate last? Until Larimer County reaches these four metrics:

  • less than 65 COVID-19 patients in Larimer County hospitals
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) utilization is less than 90% of the usual levels
  • a 7-Day Case Rate of fewer than 300 people per every 100,000 people
  • a 7-Day Test Positivity Rate that is less than 10%

Hospitals in Larimer County have been overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients — the majority of whom are unvaccinated — since late August.

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Unsurprisingly, Northern Coloradans aren't too happy with the return of the mask mandate (in August, 60% of you voted no on masks in schools). The City of Fort Collins recently posted a reminder about it on Facebook, and the responses were...not so nice.

We decided to comb through some of the comments to gauge how residents are feeling about the mandate. Keep in mind that the following statements are all public opinions — stick to verified sources for information about COVID-19 and mask-wearing.


Here's what Northern Coloradans (or, at least the ones on Facebook) have to say about Larimer County's indoor mask mandate:

How Northern Colorado Is Reacting to Larimer County's New Mask Mandate

Larimer County is reimplementing the indoor mask mandate on October 20. Northern Coloradans have mixed feelings about it — see what they have to say.

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