If you hate cockroaches, then you're living in the right place (if you're wondering if there are people who like cockroaches...there are).

Pest Strategies has ranked Denver as the 20th best city in terms of cockroach sightings. Per every 10,000 residents, the Mile High City only sees around 242 roaches a year.

While the data doesn't include Northern Colorado, it's safe to assume we're also fairly cockroach-free, as the bugs don't like Colorado's dry, cooler weather.

Still, if you really hate cockroaches, you might want to consider living in Seattle, Portland, Detroit, Pittsburgh, or Milwaukee, where cockroach sightings are the lowest. Cockroaches in these cities also tend to be smaller (around a ½ inch long).

So where will you find the disgusting, gigantic cockroaches that we've all come to know and hate?

Houston, Texas.

"Texas is known for doing things big," said Pest Strategies. "According to research at Texas A&M, the American cockroach, commonly found in the state, can grow up to two inches long and the warm, humid weather conditions in Texas are ideal for this species of cockroaches."

New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami, Raleigh, Dallas, Phoenix, Memphis, Los Angeles, and New York City also have high roach populations. In fact, the company reports that, in New Orleans and Raleigh, there's a roach for every four to five people. Ew.

Unfortunately, Colorado's lack of cockroaches doesn't mean that we're free of creepy crawlies. Check out the list of the 11 most common spiders in the Centennial State in the gallery below.

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