I hope you have your air conditioners and fans fired up and ready to go - you're going to need them.

Daily, monthly and all-time record high temperatures are likely to be set across Colorado this week as a 'dome of heat' is on track to cover much of the state.

An Excessive Heat Warning has been issued for areas around Grand Junction and Nucla in Western Colorado from Monday afternoon (June 14) to Friday afternoon, as per the Denver Post.

This is the first time ever that a Excessive Heat Warning has been issued in Colorado. There was once an Excessive Heat Watch issued for a similar area back in 2017, and there have only been three instances in which heat advisories were issued for a portion of Colorado (in 2008, 2017 and 2020).

Although the entire workweek will more than likely feature above-normal temperatures across the state, the peak of this upcoming heat wave - at least for Northern Colorado - will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, according to the latest forecast from the National Weather Service.

A 'Hazardous Weather Outlook' notice released by the National Weather Service stated that "hot and dry conditions are expected over the next few days, with the potential for record breaking heat Tuesday through Thursday.

The forecasted high for Tuesday (June 15) in Fort Collins is 101 degrees; Wednesday and Thursday also have the potential to break 100 degrees, as per the latest forecast.

Luckily, a cool front is expected to bring some relief to the heat on Friday (June 18).

Grand Junction, on the other hand, is expecting high temperatures to rise above 105º multiple times this week. Grand Junction’s hottest temperature in June is 105º and their hottest all-time record high is 106º. Both of these records are in jeopardy this week, as per the Denver Post.

Especially on hotter days (like the ones we're about to see), it is so incredibly important to always remember to stay hydrated, pay close attention to your health (especially if you work outside), and never leave animals, children or older people in cars for any length of time in these weather conditions.

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