On Monday, March 13, multiple Colorado law enforcement agencies responded to a scenario in Estes Park, that ultimately wound up being a complete hoax. These types of situations are classified as "swatting" incidents and are unfortunately becoming increasingly common across the country.

At approximately 7 p.m. last night, the Estes Park Emergency Communications Center received a call from an unidentified male claiming there was an active shooter located inside a downtown business. The caller continued to tell dispatch that all of his coworkers were dead and gunshots were then heard in the background of the phone call.

Within one minute, Estes Park police officers arrived on the scene and quickly observed that no active shooter was on the premises. Fortunately, no casualties had taken place inside either. Deputies with the Larimer County Sheriff's Office, Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers, Estes Valley Firefighters, and Estes Park Health EMS were also staged and ready nearby.

Officers proceeded to contact the owner of the business who verified that the call was fake.

Most swatting cases are carried out to cause a response by emergency services.

In reality, a swatting incident is not a hoax or a prank - it's a dangerous event and a massive waste of time and resources, all put into motion by a devious individual. Oftentimes, swatting takes responders away from an actual emergency that may be taking place.

While it was fortunate that no one was actually injured in this situation, it's not good that it happened at all. At this time, it's unclear if a suspect was identified for their involvement, but the person would face charges if caught.

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