Today may be Friday the 13th, but whether you're superstitious or not, how lucky is Colorado compared to other states around the country on an everyday basis?

When it comes to favor and fortune, ranked the luckiest and unluckiest states across the country.

To determine America's luckiest states to live in, the group of researchers compared ten different categories. Each factor was then weighted according to its importance and influence. Some of the metrics that were analyzed included accident mortalities, disaster declarations, the occurrence of lightning strikes, the average divorce rate, and the number of lottery winners to come from each state.

The results revealed that West Virginia is the unluckiest state in the country. Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Alabama rounded out the bottom five - apparently, they have some bad luck down in the south. Some of the metrics taken into account that caused these low rankings were general safety, infrastructure, and work-life.

As for the most fortunate states, New York topped the 'luckiest' list. Things like education, life expectancy, and overall happiness landed Minnesota in the No. 2 spot.

Fortunately, Colorado does not rank as one of the unluckiest states to live in but things could always be better. With a total index score of 46.29, the Centennial State landed right in the middle of the list at No. 27. The state does experience its fair share of natural disasters, including fires and floods, which may have contributed to a lower ranking.


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