Say what? Colorado might have some money, just sitting around waiting for me to say it's mine. You might have a "forgotten asset" waiting for you.

The Colorado Unclaimed Property Website is a real thing and well worth checking to see if anything is waiting for you. Afterall today the website reports the State of Colorado has returned $575,479,227 in unclaimed property.

I typed in my name and all kinds of different things came up that I could "claim". The most shocking thing was how many people with unclaimed property have the name "Kama". There are tons of them with claims waiting for anything from shares from Morgan Stanley to $3.30 from Starbucks. I started searching the names of everyone I know, because what if they're sitting on an unclaimed pot o' gold or 47 cents from Comcast.

The Colorado State Treasurer’s Office provides this service free of charge. They do this because there are Unclaimed Property laws in the United States which are set up to protect both the consumer and the owners/their heirs.

The Colorado Unclaimed Property Website explains that "unclaimed property is tangible or intangible property that has had no activity for a specific period of time. Unclaimed property includes, but is not limited to, abandoned financial assets such as stocks and dividends, mutual funds, checking and savings accounts, unpaid wages, securities, life insurance payouts, uncashed checks that are without activity for a certain period of time, as well as the contents of safe deposit boxes for which the rent has been expired for at least five (5) years. It does not include real estate or vehicles."

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