After last year's summer and the fires burning this year, Colorado was due for a drought break. According the U.S. drought monitor, it looks like it's getting just that.

Every area of Colorado is currently sitting in a better situation across the board than it was at the start of 2021. Most notably, a little over 56% of Colorado is in a state of no drought.

Credit: US Drought Monitor, 7/29/2021
Credit: US Drought Monitor, 7/29/2021

Currently, the areas of the state that are the most heavily affected is everything West of the Front Range. Once you get out to the westen slopes, it's severely dry. In areas like Routt County and Mesa County, according to condition monitoring observer reports, it's rare to see conditions this dry.

Obvioulsy, with conditions that severe, fires are more likely and more intense and it's been difficult for forests in certain areas to grow normally. There have even been some reports of changes in animal migration due to the conditions.

The Colorado Climate Center based out of Colorado State University has been tracking precipitation patterns to come over the next few days that will hopefully provide some more relief to drier parts of the state.

Colorado is a far cry better than the shape it was in back in March 2021. However, even though that's the case, it is summer and conditions can change within a weekend. The National Weather Service Boulder twitter account flagged a potential burn area flash flood chart going into the weekend.

Drought conditions on the eastern side and front range of Colorado are promising, especially compared to years past. However, there is still a lot of the state that could benefit from continued improvement with the help of consistent showers moving through the next couple months.

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