So with the housing market as crazy as it is in many places, especially here in Colorado, people are needing to be a little more flexible and creative in terms of their wants and needs and know how to separate the two if they want to own a home.

The average cost of a single-family home in Fort Collins is just over $500K. That is way out of a lot of people's price range, especially first time home buyers, but there are options if you're willing to be a little creative, flexible, and be willing to downsize.

There is a company in Severance called Pivot Structures of Severance - a sister company of Mountain Standard Homes - which was formed during the pandemic. And, to help with the Cameron Peak Fire, are all about (in my opinion) working miracles for what they're doing with shipping containers.

From providing a space for victims of the Cameron Peak fire to housing home offices, studios, and primary residences, shipping containers are being used for so much more these days than...well just shipping stuff.

These containers from Pivot can cost anywhere from $14,500 upwards to $90,000 or more depending on size and finishes and here's the coolest part, containers can be stacked or combined to create larger living units.

I'm seriously considering cashing in our current home, downsizing, and paying cash for one of these things. I mean, look how nice this is!

Traditional bank financing has not kept up with the shipping container trend, which remains a stumbling block, but there are some financing options, including secured personal loans or home equity lines of credit.

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